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Saturday, February 25th:


Season 2023 Saturday Kickoff!

All dancers can arrive at 9am and stay the day to watch and get ready for the following weekend!

Snacks, dancing, music upload checking & fun! 


9:15am - Modern Dances Begin

9:15am - ""Euphoria" (senior modern)

9:20am - Contemporary Dances Begin

9:20am - "Rescue" (Gianna)

9:25am - "Jilted and Left At The Alter" (senior contemporary)

9:30am - "Unstoppable" (Gianna & Bryn)

9:35am - "Hollow" (Addison & Emily)

9:40am - "Die Alone" (Emily & Olivia)

9:45am - "It's Got My Name On It" (McKenzie & Kristin)

9:50am - "Nothing Good In Dying" (Emily M)

9:55am - Character Dances Begin

9:55am - "Ex-Wives" (teen character)

10am - "Spice Up Your Life" (junior character)

10:05am - Musical Theater Dances Begin

10:05am - "Seasons of Love" (senior musical theater)

10:10am - "New York, New York" (Sofia & Lily)

10:15am - "Lydia" (Olivia C)

10:20am - "Heart of Stone" (Emily S)

10:25am - "Send In The Clowns" (Kristin)

10:30am - "Just Breathe" (Lily)

10:35am - "Is This Home?" (Sofia)

10:40am - Lyrical Dances Begin

10:40am - "I Choose You" (teen lyrical)

10:45am - "Run For Our Lives" (senior lyrical)

10:50am - "Speechless" (Amelia)

10:55am - "Not While I'm Around" (Nikki)

11am - "Never Enough" (Gianna)

11:05am - "Wonderful Life" (Isobel & Finlay)

11:10am - "Take Me To Church" (Emily & Logan)

11:15am - "Running" (Sophia)

11:20am - "Exile" (Maura)

11:25am - "Is That Alright?" (Emily M)

11:30am - "Once Upon A December" (Bryn)

11:35am - "Hurt" (Addison)

11:40am - "It's Still Love" (Logan)

11:45am - "Make You Feel My Love" (Olivia B)

11:50am - "Oh Mother" (Emily & Sofia)

11:55am - "I Have Nothing" (Kristin)

12pm - "I Don't Think About You" (McKenzie)

12:05pm - "A Song For You" (Emily S)

12:10pm - "Run" (Emily & Kristin)

12:15pm - "Every Season" (petite junior lyrical)

12:20pm - Hip Hop Dances Begin

12:20pm - "Squid Games" (senior hip hop)

12:25pm - "Juicy Wiggle" (petite hip hop)

12:30pm - "Best Thing I Never Had" (Addison)

12:35pm - "One Two Step" (Lily)

12:40pm - "Godzilla" (Addison & Natalie)

12:45pm - Open Dances Begin

12:45pm - "Bells Bows Gifts Trees" (Sofia, Lily & Gianna)

12:50pm - Production (Entire Team)

1pm - "Secret" (Abby & Olivia)

1:05pm - "Bloody Mary" (McKenzie & Emily)

1:10pm - "Eleven" (Olivia C)

1:15pm - "Black Swan" (Emily M)

1:20pm - "Memory" (Sofia)

1:25pm - "Purple Hat Cheetah Print" (senior open)

1:30pm - Jazz Dances Begin

1:30pm - "Wind It Up" (junior petite jazz)

1:35pm - "Weapon of Choice" (teen jazz)

1:40pm - "Best Friend" (senior jazz)

1:45pm - "Don't Kill My Vibe" (Giada)

1:50pm - "Show Me Your Moves" (Isobel)

1:55pm - "Dance Monkey" (Clara)

2pm - "Neon Lights" (Savanna)

2:05pm - "Try Everything" (Finlay)

2:10pm - "Circus" (Sofia)

2:15pm - "Rich Girl" (Nikki & Ada)

2:20pm - "That's My Girl" (Amelia & Clara)

2:25pm - "Could Have Been Me" (Elle & Faye)

2:30pm - "Rain On Me" (Sofia, Giada & Isobel)

2:35pm - "Telephone" (Abby & Olivia)

2:40pm - "Rumor Has It" (Natalie & Maura)

2:45pm - "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" (Sofia, Lily & Gianna)

2:50pm - "Haunted Heart" (McKenzie)

2:55pm - "I See Red" (Emily M)

3pm - "Black Velvet" (Logan)

3:05pm - "For You" (Sophia)

3:10pm - "Leave Me Lonely" (Natalie)

3:15pm - "Dangerous" (Kristin)

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