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Saturday 2024Season Kickoff 

Join us for our 2nd annual KDL competition team Saturday kickoff! 

We will test all of the music and every single dance will run. All dancers can come and be an audience! There will be snacks & drinks. Feel free to bring whatever you would like! Doors open at 9:30!

9:15am - 9-5

9:25am - Something Wicked

9:30am - Revolting Children 

9:35am - The Smallest Light 

9:40am - Sandstorm

9:45am - Swim Good 

9:50am - 1960

9:55am - Never Grow Up 

10am - Girls 

10:05am - All That Jazz

10:10am - Wendy and Tinkerbell 

10:15am - Break Free

10:20am - Heaven is a Place on Earth 

10:25am - World on Fire 

10:30am - Zombieland

10:35am - Tightrope

10:40am - Walk Away

10:45am - Move You 

10:50am - At Last

10:55am - Say My Name 

11am - I'm Good 

11:05am - No Excuses

11:10am - Iris 

11:15am - Bad to the Bone

11:20am - Prima Donna 

11:25am - The Dog Days are Over 

11:30am - Material Girl 

11:35am - I Put A Spell On You 

11:40am - Silence 

11:45am - To My Younger Self 

11:50am - Stuck In Reverie 

11:55am - Brave 

12pm- Boss 

12:05pm - Glory 

12:10pm - The Square Root of Impossible 

12:15pm - PRODUCTION 

12:25pm - Selfie 

12:30pm - Start a Riot

12:35pm - Orange Colored Sky 

12:40pm - Instruction 

12:45pm - Don't Let Me Go 

12:50pm - Blue Skies

12:55pm - I'm The Greatest Star 

1pm - When Will My Life Begin?

1:05pm - Paradise

1:10pm - I'll Never Love Again 

1:15pm - Wild Side 

1:20pm - Lost 

1:25pm - Another Day of Sun 

1:30pm - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

1:35pm - Invisible String 

1:40pm - Fever

1:45pm - Gone 

1:50pm - Turn Up the Sunshine 

1:55pm - Better When I'm Dancing 

2pm - Intergalactic

2:05pm - I Like It 

2:10pm - I'm Your Baby Tonight 

2:15pm - It's About That Walk

2:20pm - Dream 

2:25pm - If We Hold On Together 

2:30pm - Out of My Mind 

2:35pm - Out Here On My Own 

2:40pm- It Takes Two 

2:45pm - The Factory 

2:50pm - Trouble 

2:55pm - Rhythm Nation 

3pm - Hallelujah 

3:05pm - I Think It's Going To Rain Today

3:10pm - Hanging By A Thread

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