Dress Rehearsal 2/6/21

Studio will open at 8:40am for dancers in Block 1. 

Please come in costume for your first dance. 

You have been placed in blocks with dancers you share duets & trios with. For time reasoning and social distancing rules, this is how we must run it for this year. 

Block 1: 9am-10:20am

Block 2: 10:40am-12:15pm

Block 3:12:30pm-3:20pm


Block 1:

Dancers: Sofia DelBueno, Isobel Covert, Kayla Friedmann, Olivia Covert, Lily Zertuche, Gianna Stabile, Abby D’Amico

9am - Good To Be Alive

9:08am - Crown

9:16am - Looking In

9:24am - New Kid In Town

9:32am - Into the Unknown

9:40am - Fabulous

9:48am - Dear Friend

9:56am - Reflection

10:04am - Waving Through A Window

10:12am - Pulled



Block 2:

Dancers: Emily Saul, Natalie Emerick, Addison Intili, Grace Huntington, Delaney Patrick, Emma Halligan

10:40am - Stuff Like That There

10:48am - C’mon Everybody

10:56am - Turns You Into Stone

11:04am – Hit Em Up Style

11:12am - The Lonely

11:20am - Yellow Flicker Beat

11:28am - I Surrender

11:36am - Fixer Upper

11:44am – Open Heart Cry

11:52am – To Be Human

12pm - Something’s Got A Hold On Me

12:08pm - I Will Survive


Block 3:

Dancers: Emily Mandelbaum, Kristin Plumaker, Ava Dorworth, Logan Nee, Maura Jaccodine, Olivia Badrick, McKenzie Winnerling

12:30pm - Way Down We Go

12:38pm - There’s A Ghost

12:46pm - Smells Like Teen Spirit

12:54pm -Burden Down

1:02pm - No Time To Die

1:10 - Clown

1:18pm - Like A Boy

1:26pm - Bad Guy

1:34pm - Black Magic Woman

1:42pm - Am I Supposed to Apologize?

1:50pm - Glam

1:58pm - Champion

2:06 - You Say

2:14pm - Something Beautiful

2:22pm -Footprints

2:30pm - Anxious

2:38pm - This Woman’s Work

2:46pm - I Will Be

2:54pm - A Storm Is Comin

3:02pm - Do It To It

3:10pm - Deep End

3:18pm - My Heart’s Grave

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