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Crowned Title Winners in KDL History 


Miss Teen Backstage - Kristin Plumaker 

Miss Petite True Talent - Sofia DelBueno

Miss Teen Triple Threat True Talent - Emily Mandelbaum

Miss Senior Triple Threat True Talent - Delaney Patrick 

Miss Petite Step Up - Sofia DelBueno 

Miss Teen Step Up - Kristin Plumaker 


Miss Petite True Talent - Sofia  DelBueno

Miss Senior True Talent/Triple Threat- Jaime Plumaker

Miss Junior Step Up- Ava Dorworth

Miss Step Up - Ava Dorworth 


Miss Petite Backstage- Sofia DelBueno

Miss Petite True Talent - Sofia DelBueno 


Miss Petite Backstage - Sofia DelBueno 

Miss Junior Backstage - Emily Mandelbaum 

Miss Teen Backstage - Cara Plumaker 

Miss Petite On Point - Emily Mandelbaum 

Miss Junior On Point - Kristin Plumaker 

Miss Teen On Point - Cara Plumaker 

Miss Senior On Point- Jaime Plumaker


Miss Teen Step Up - Jaime Plumaker 


Miss Junior Step Up - Cara Plumaker

Miss Teen Step Up - Megan Kelly


Mr Step Up – Brendan Gosse

Miss Senior Step Up – Lydia Piazza 

Miss Teen Step Up – Sara Cruz 

Miss Junior Step Up – Cara Plumaker 

Miss Petite Step Up – Emily Mandelbaum 

Mr Ticket To Broadway – Brendan Gosse 

Mr Backstage – Brendan Gosse 

Miss Senior Backstage – Lydia Piazza 

Miss Petite Backstage – Emily Mandelbaumm


Mr Backstage – Brendan Gosse 

Mr Ticket To Broadway – Brendan Gosse

Mr Rhythms In Dance – Brendan Gosse 

Miss Rhythms In Dance – Tatiana Ferla 


Mr Backstage – Brendan Gosse 

Miss Backstage – Tatiana Ferla 

Mr Power of Dance – Brendan Gosse 

 2011 :

Mr Power of Dance – Brendan Gosse 

Mr That’s Entertainment – Brendan Gosse

Miss Turn It Up – Audrey Carroll 

Mr Turn It Up – Brendan Gosse 

The 2020/21 Season highlights!

Best costuming of the entire competition awarded to our production "Give My Regards"

First place overall 10 and under soloist Sofia DelBueno

First place overall teen soloist Kristin Plumaker 

Nationals Team Invites to Sofia DelBueno & Kristin Plumaker 

Special Awards given to Sofia DelBueno, Kristin Plumaker, Emily Mandelbaum, Olivia Badrick, McKenzie Winnerling, Delaney Patrick  

Scholarships given to Emily Saul, McKenzie Winnerling & Emily Saul 

First place overall junior soloist Ava Dorworth 

First place overall junior duet - Addison Intili & Natalie  Emerick 

First place overall teen duet - Emily Mandelbaum & Kristin Plumaker 

Broadway Bound special award - Sofia DelBueno 

Triple Threat Runners Up - The Cast of The Rose 

Scholarship awarded to  - The Cast of Zero to Hero, Come Fly With Me & Hold On 

The 2019 Season highlights!

2019 Team Highlights and Honors:

Best Costuming of the entire competition (over 600 dances) awarded to our production "Dia De Los Muertos"

First overall of the advanced dances "Lovely" 

Showmanship Awards Given To:

The Cast of "The Asylum"

Genevieve Keelen

Most Committed to Character to: Jaime Plumaker

Alyssa McAvoy 

Scholarships Awarded to:

THE ENTIRE TEAM for production

Nationals soloist invitees:

Jaime Plumaker

Kristin Plumaker

Alyssa McAvoy

Emily Mandelbaum

Ava Dorworth

2018 Team Highlights and Honors:

- Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

- Highest Scored Routine ages 12 and Under - Anna Stumberger

- Best Costuming of Entire Competition with our Production 

- Overall highest scoring soloists 

 -30 Special Judges Awards Including Best Story Telling, Most Dynamic, Broadway Bound, Best Unison, Total Package, Infectious Energy and Outstanding Showmanship. 

- Scholarships Awarded to Soloists & Members of Group Routines

- National Invites for soloists and group routines as well as our production routine including every member on team. 

- Title Award Runner Ups

- Most Entertaining Routine Award Winners 

-- Best Choreography 

2017 Team Highlights and Honors:

~Most Entertaining Routine for our Production Number, "There's A Girl Inside The Castle"Proudly displaying our 6 foot trophy in the lobby!

~Best Costuming (at two competitions)

~Scholarships for soloists and group routines..

~Overall highest scoring soloists, duets, trios and groups.

~26 Special Judges Awards.

~Encore performances.

~Miss Petite Backstage - Sofia "Fifi" DelBueno

-Miss Petite On Point - Emily Mandelbaum

- Miss Junior On Point - Kristin Plumaker

 - Miss Teen On Point - Cara Plumaker

-Miss Senior On Point - Jaime Plumaker

-Miss Teen Backstage - Cara Plumaker 


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