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Crowned Title Winners in KDL History 


Miss Petite True Talent - Sofia  DelBueno

Miss Senior True Talent/Triple Threat- Jaime Plumaker

Miss Junior Step Up- Ava Dorworth

Miss Step Up - Ava Dorworth 


Miss Petite Backstage- Sofia DelBueno

Miss Petite True Talent - Sofia DelBueno 


Miss Petite Backstage - Sofia DelBueno 

Miss Junior Backstage - Emily Mandelbaum 

Miss Teen Backstage - Cara Plumaker 

Miss Petite On Point - Emily Mandelbaum 

Miss Junior On Point - Kristin Plumaker 

Miss Teen On Point - Cara Plumaker 

Miss Senior On Point- Jaime Plumaker


Miss Teen Step Up - Jaime Plumaker 


Miss Junior Step Up - Cara Plumaker

Miss Teen Step Up - Megan Kelly


Mr Step Up – Brendan Gosse

Miss Senior Step Up – Lydia Piazza 

Miss Teen Step Up – Sara Cruz 

Miss Junior Step Up – Cara Plumaker 

Miss Petite Step Up – Emily Mandelbaum 

Mr Ticket To Broadway – Brendan Gosse 

Mr Backstage – Brendan Gosse 

Miss Senior Backstage – Lydia Piazza 

Miss Petite Backstage – Emily Mandelbaumm


Mr Backstage – Brendan Gosse 

Mr Ticket To Broadway – Brendan Gosse

Mr Rhythms In Dance – Brendan Gosse 

Miss Rhythms In Dance – Tatiana Ferla 


Mr Backstage – Brendan Gosse 

Miss Backstage – Tatiana Ferla 

Mr Power of Dance – Brendan Gosse 

 2011 :

Mr Power of Dance – Brendan Gosse 

Mr That’s Entertainment – Brendan Gosse

Miss Turn It Up – Audrey Carroll 

Mr Turn It Up – Brendan Gosse 

The 2019 Season highlights!

2019 Team Highlights and Honors:

Best Costuming of the entire competition (over 600 dances) awarded to our production "Dia De Los Muertos"

First overall of the advanced dances "Lovely" 

Showmanship Awards Given To:

The Cast of "The Asylum"

Genevieve Keelen

Most Committed to Character to: Jaime Plumaker

Alyssa McAvoy 

Scholarships Awarded to:

THE ENTIRE TEAM for production

Nationals soloist invitees:

Jaime Plumaker

Kristin Plumaker

Alyssa McAvoy

Emily Mandelbaum

Ava Dorworth

Genevieve Keelen

2018 Team Highlights and Honors:

- Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

- Highest Scored Routine ages 12 and Under - Anna Stumberger

- Best Costuming of Entire Competition with our Production 

- Overall highest scoring soloists 

 -30 Special Judges Awards Including Best Story Telling, Most Dynamic, Broadway Bound, Best Unison, Total Package, Infectious Energy and Outstanding Showmanship. 

- Scholarships Awarded to Soloists & Members of Group Routines

- National Invites for soloists and group routines as well as our production routine including every member on team. 

- Title Award Runner Ups

- Most Entertaining Routine Award Winners 

-- Best Choreography 

2017 Team Highlights and Honors:

~Most Entertaining Routine for our Production Number, "There's A Girl Inside The Castle"

Proudly displaying our 6 foot trophy in the lobby!

~Best Costuming (at two competitions)

~Scholarships for soloists and group routines..

~Overall highest scoring soloists, duets, trios and groups.

~26 Special Judges Awards.

~Encore performances.

~Miss Petite Backstage - Sofia "Fifi" DelBueno

-Miss Petite On Point - Emily Mandelbaum

- Miss Junior On Point - Kristin Plumaker

 - Miss Teen On Point - Cara Plumaker

-Miss Senior On Point - Jaime Plumaker

-Miss Teen Backstage - Cara Plumaker 


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