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Why Choose KDL?

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If a dance studio seems to have friendly teachers, experience teaching children and a show at the end of the year, does it really matter where you enroll your child? The answer is YES. 

 The following are questions every parent should consider before choosing a dance studio for their child and how KDL responds. 


 1. Is the teacher/studio owner, licensed and/or professionally trained? Do they dance during the class or just dictate?

Most parents are unaware that anyone (even the unlicensed) can open a dance studio. For any haircut or manicure, your technician must be licensed. Your child's dance education should be just as important!  Kelly has a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from one of the finest colleges and dance departments in the country. She is certified and has her licensure in public and dance education. She has studied dance in every style for over 30 years as well as anatomy, music, kinesiology, dance history, lighting, notation, child psychology/development and choreography. Yes, Kelly dances every class with her students to help in the learning experience. Younger dancer classes also have members of our advanced team demonstrating as well.


2. Does the studio follow a syllabus?

 We follow a syllabus so every week your child is progressing and building on skills they learned the previous class. Every class contains a proper warmup, progressions across the floor and center work. Kelly has lesson plans for every single class for every single week. 


3. What are the sizes of the classes?

We keep our classes small creating a perfect learning environment. Teacher to student ratio is very important to us. It is not about packing the classes. Larger classes have assistants.


4. What type of floor is used?

Dance requires a lot of jumping and can put stress on bones and joints. The best floor for a studio to have is a professional "floating floor." This floor rests on a system of high-density foam to absorb shock. Very few studios opt for this type of floor due to expense and choose a regular tile or glued floor. We have a top of the line floating floor at KDL that has just been replaced in August of 2022. 


5. What are the "extras" required for the end of year recital?

We do not do a recital. We have our in studio showcases. No costumes, dress rehearsal, tickets, DVDs, T-shirts or program advertising. We feel that recitals take away from the education of dance as the class time is then spent only on learning one routine for the show itself. We do offer performance opportunities within the community at nursing home and in town events.

6. Do you have a competition team?

Yes we do have a competition team. Our auditions are open call to anyone who wishes to attend and are held in June. We do not accept every dancer who auditions. All returning team members must re-audition as well. Dancers who do make the team are given contracts with what dances they are offered and rehearsal schedules. They are expected to live up to their contracts. Dancers are awarded groups, duets, trios and solos. You do not sign up for them at KDL. Our competition team members come home with Double High Platinums, High Platinums, Platinums and High Golds. We have had dozens of dancers win title awards and crowns, scholarships and nationals dance team invites. The dancers, the studio and Kelly have been honored with special awards including Best choreography, Best Costuming, Best Extensions, Best Turners, Highest Jumpers, category winners, age division winners and Best sportsmanship. One of our proudest achievements is our Most Entertaining Dance of the Entire Competition 6 foot trophy that is displayed proudly in the studio. We also have our ADCC banner as you enter into the studio as well as our high score and team acknowledgement banners from past seasons. 


7. Can I get immediate assistance and customer service?

100%. We make it our goal to help our families in any way possible. To get in touch is to e-mail Kelly at You can also message us on Facebook! We do not have an active landline phone line and have not had one since 2013.

Online is the way to get in touch with us!

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