Tuition Information

We offer pay by session options and pay by class options!

Save money and do unlimited classes for your age and ability level!

Due to COVID-19, there will be restrictions on the amount of dancers per class for the FALL session and we will reassess by the WINTER session start.

Unlimited plan will still be available if  you register for 5 or more classes per week within the restrictions placed on us. This is the most savings and best option for 5 or more classes a week. 

Dancers must pre-register for the classes that they will attend. You can not just show up to classes for the fall session. If you are going to miss a class that you are registered for, makeup classes will be available. Please let me know if you are unable to attend class due to any reason and I will post the opening for another dancer to join for that day. 

Tuition & Calendar 2020-2021


Class Payment Options:

Tuition is broken into three (3) payments based on our ten (10) week sessions.

Fall Session (Tuition 1) ~ Winter Session (Tuition 2) ~ Spring Session (Tuition 3)

Payments are due either in full for the session ($230) or per class ($25).

Tuition is contingent on the number of classes each student takes.

Paying in full for the session results in saving money!



1 hour a week = $230 per session

2 hours a week = $225 per session per class (total of $450 per session)

3 hours a week = $220 per session per class (total of $660 per session)

4 hours a week = $210 per session per class (total of $840 per session)


UNLIMITED OPTION: (5 hours a week and more!) 

A popular option with many dancers!

If you take 5 or more classes a week, this is the way to go!

Take as many classes as allowed for the entire session! HUGE SAVINGS!

$915 per session per dancer


If you are a new student to Kelly’s Dance Loft, there is a one-time $25 registration fee.





Check with Kelly if you have any questions. Payment plans are available. 


Our email is:

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