2021/22 Private Lessons & Rehearsals: 

One hour privates are $80 an hour and can be split up to

4 dancers. Dancers are sent home with personalized" homework" with what to work on

and helpful stretches and things to supplement when at home. 

Dancers who use privates for competition choreography must bring an iPad or

iPhone or camera to video their dance for at home rehearsals.  All solos, duets & trios are

welcome to open studios to rehearse their dances. 

Choreography payments:

Solos - $80 per hour 

Solos - $40 for a half hour 

Duets - $40 per hour per dancer

Duets - $20 per half  hour per dancer

Trios - $25 per dancer per hour 

Trios - $15 per dancer per half hour 

Competition Team Soloists, Duets and Trios :

For initial choreography, all solos, duets and trios must book a 2 hour time slot. In those 2 hours, the dance will be choreographed in its entirety. YOU are responsible for remembering the dance. 

Open studios are on Saturdays and will be announced as sessions progress. All solos, duets and trios that are finished may attend. Additional rehearsals

well as our Facebook page. Private lessons used for cleaning dances will be in thirty minute to sixty minute time slots.












Winter Session Open Times for Privates: More will be added as needed

Monday, January 31st - 4:30pm-5pm 

Monday, January 31st - 5pm-5:30pm 

Monday, February 7th - 4pm-4:30pm 

Monday, February 7th - 4:30pm-5pm 

Monday, February 7th - 5pm-5:30pm 

Monday, February 14th - 4pm-4:30pm 

Monday, February 14th - 4:30pm-5pm 

Monday, February 21st - 4pm-4:30pm 

Monday, February 21st - 4:30pm-5pm 

Monday, February 21st - 5pm-5:30pm  

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