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2024 Choreography & Private Lessons  

Private lessons are contingent on the number of dancers in the private. 

Dancers who use privates for competition choreography must bring an iPad or

iPhone to receive the video of their dance for at home rehearsals.  

All solos, duets & trios are welcome to open studios to rehearse their dances. 

Standard technique privates are $90 an hour and can be shared up to 4 dancers. 

Updated Choreography payments which began on June 13th 2022. 

This is the first price raise of private lessons since the studio opened in 2009. 

All credit card transactions will incur an automatic 3% processing fee. 

Solos - $90 per hour 

Solos - $45 for a half hour 

Duets - $45 per hour per dancer

Duets - $25 per half hour per dancer

Trios - $30 per dancer per hour 

Trios - $15 per dancer per half hour 

Competition Team Soloists, Duets and Trios :

For initial choreography, all solos, duets and trios must book a 2 hour time slot. In those 2 hours, the dance will be choreographed in its entirety. YOU are responsible for remembering the dance.  Open studios are on Saturdays and will be announced as sessions progress. All dancers are placed into open studio groupings for the 2024 season.

Additional rehearsals are posted here as well as our Facebook page. Private lessons used for cleaning dances will be in thirty minute to sixty minute time slots.







Open Times for Choreography for Solos, Duets & Trios for 2024 Season are complete.

Please email directly if you need a 2 hour time slot for choreography on a new solo, duet or trio.

Cleaning Times Open & Open Studios Schedule: 
All Open Studios Begin at 1:30pm and will end around 3:15pm
Saturday, October 7th - 1:30pm- Open Studio Group A
Saturday, October 14th - Open Studio Group B
Saturday, October 21st - Open Studio Group C
Saturday, October 28th - Open Studio Group D
Saturday, November 4th - Open Studio Group A
Wednesday, November 8th - 6pm-6:30pm
Thursday, November 9th - 7:30pm-8pm
Thursday, November 9th - 8pm-8:30pm
Friday, November 10th - 6:30pm-7pm 
Saturday, November 11th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, November 11th - Open Studio Groups B & D
Saturday, November 18th - Open Studio Group C
Monday, November 20th - 5:15pm-5:45pm
Monday, November 20th - 5:45pm-6:15pm
Monday, November 20th - 6:15pm-6:45pm
Monday, November 20th - 7:15pm-7:45pm
Saturday, December 2nd - Open Studio Group A
Saturday, December 9th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, December 9th - Open Studio Group B & D
Saturday, December 16th - Open Studio Group C
Thursday, January 4th - 7:30pm-8pm
Saturday, January 6th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, January 6th - Open Studio Group A
Saturday, January 13th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, January 13th - Open Studio Group B
Saturday, January 20th - Open Studio Group C
Wednesday, January 24th - 8:45pm-9:15pm
Saturday, January 27th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, January 27th - Open Studio Group D
Saturday, February 10th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, February 10th - Open Studio Group A
Saturday, February 17th- Open Studio Group B & D
Monday, February 19th - 8pm-8:30pm
Saturday, February 24th - Open Studio Group C
Wednesday, February 28th - 8:45pm-9:15pm
Saturday, March 2nd - Open Studio Group B & D
Wednesday, March 6th - 8:45pm-9:15pm 
Saturday, March 9th - Open Studio Groups A & C
Saturday, March 23rd - Open Studio Group B
Saturday, April 6th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, April 6th - Open Studio Group D
Saturday, April 13th - Open Studio Groups A & C
Saturday, April 27th - 9am-9:30am
Saturday, April 27th - Open Studio Groups A, B, C, D
Soloists in each Open Studio Group:
Dances will be run in only one open studio. If a dancer is listed in more than one group, it is because they are doing solos in one and duets in another. 
A: Emily Saul, Emily Mandelbaum, Logan Nee, Olivia Badrick, Addison Intili, Natalie Emerick, Bryn Laudermilch, Sofia DelBueno, Nikki DelBueno, Juju Tidswell, Lacey Snyder 
B: Olivia Covert, Abby D'Amico, Lily Zertuche, Isobel Covert, Elle Palamara, Finlay Bryce
C: Emily Saul, Emily Mandelbaum, Logan Nee, Addison Intili, Natalie Emerick, Maura Jaccodine, Nikki DelBueno, Sofia DelBueno, Ada Thompson, Savanna Friedmann, Kayla Friedmann 
D: Gianna Stabile, Julianna Szot, Clara Hyatt, Amelia Baxendine, Giada Tramontelli, Lillie Arnella, Bella Zuzulock



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