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2023-2024 School Year Schedule

Kelly’s Dance Loft 2023-2024 Class Schedule

*Tentative as of 4/15/23~ Subject to Change


Classes run from September 8th 2023 thru May 23rd 2024

Classes marked * are by Kelly’s permission only. Certain skills are previously required for these hours.

Dancers can register for classes by age as of January 1st 2024 or by Kelly’s permission only.

Classes may be added, changed or removed due to interest.

Classes must have 4 dancers to happen. 

Advanced is ages 14+ unless placed in by Kelly. All of Kelly’s placement decisions are final.

Classes labeled advanced/intermediate are ages 12+. 

As changes come, they will be posted on our website and social media accounts.

Tuition can be found on the tuition tab. You can also email for information. 


4pm-5pm -Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop ages 3-5

5pm-6pm – Ballet & Jazz & Hip Hop ages 5-7

6pm-7pm – Advanced Ballet* ages 14+

7pm-8pm – Advanced Contemporary* ages 14+

8pm-8:30pm – Advanced Conditioning & Flexibility Intensive*


4pm-5pm - Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop ages 5-7

5pm-6pm – Ballet & Jazz & Lyrical ages 7-10 (alternating styles weekly)

6pm-7pm –Lyrical ages 12-18

7pm-8pm - Advanced Contemporary* ages 13+ 

8pm-8:45pm –Leaping & Turning Intensive * ages 13+


4pm-5pm - Ballet ages 10-15

5pm-6pm - Leaps, Turns & Tricks ages 10-15

6pm-7pm – Advanced Jazz ages 13+

7pm-8pm – Advanced Leaps, Turns, Tricks & Floorwork ages 13+

8pm-8:45pm – Advanced College Dance Team Prep Class (high school ages only)


4pm-5pm – Ballet & Lyrical ages 7-10 (alternating styles weekly)

5pm-6pm – Jazz & Hip Hop ages 7-10 (alternating styles weekly)

6pm-6:30pm - Junior Intensive ages 7-10 (competition team members only)

6:30pm-7:30pm - Advanced/Intermediate Contemporary ages 12+

7:30pm-8:30pm -Advanced/Intermediate Jazz ages 12+


4pm -5pm - Lyrical ages 10-15

5pm-6pm - Jazz ages 10-15

6pm-6:30pm -Tricks, Turns & Jumps ages 10-15


Designated for Team Rehearsals 

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